Mansfield Cares

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Each February Mansfield Cares host its annual charity ball. 

​Past monies raised have allowed Mansfield Cares to build a no-charge medical/dental/optic clinic and a food bank for Harvesting International Ministries.

Our Mission


As our community continues to grow, so does the challenge of helping those in need. We believe that through Mansfield Cares and our loyal and generous supporters, we will continue to expand our programs to help those who lack the necessities in life.

We are “Mansfield’s Safety Net” to provide aid for the children of Mansfield ISD.

100% of your Donation goes directly to helping the children of MISD.

Community programs

charity ball



Reach Out

Join members in your community and make a difference

To provide assistance for the economically challenged families of the Mansfield ISD area, with the help of community agencies and a group of individuals with a common interest, by offering charitable events to our community’s greatest contributors, you.